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Phone Verification for Digital Goods

Onverify.com provides automated phone verification services for digital goods.

Digital goods sale usually face big rate of fraud and chargeback. Each chargeback cause business not only loss of digital good but also chargeback fee of 5 to 25 usd per transaction.

Onverify.com can help you minimize the chargeback and fraud possibility with phone verifications.

The solution is Onverify.com’s phone verification. When you conduct phone verification at the time of purchase, you have a valid proof of working phone number and a fraud user will avoid a phone verification in order not to be tracable.

Phone verification is conducted just before the actual transaction. When your customer decides to buy a digital good, he will be asked to provide a phone number that he can answer. When your customer clicks to verify now, and automated phone verification call will be placed over onverify.com. The phone call will announce a pin. Your customer needs to enter that pin on the purchase page to complete the transaction. A valid pin will complete the process and your customer’s card will be charged.

Onverify.com works totally works transparent behind the scenes. For this Onverify.com provides easy to use Http API. Integration is simple, quick and just a few lines of code. Onverify.com provides sample codes and sdk for the integration. And also free support for integration is free of charge.

Opening a free account is free of charge. There is no monthly fee or monthly minimums. Onverify works from balance and also provides postpaid option for corporate use. The rates start from 4 cents per answered verification call. Volume discount is available.

Why don’t you try yourself at www.onverify.com or drop us an email to evaluate your requirements at support@onverify.com. We will be glad to help.

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