OnVerify Phone Verification for WordPress Updated

OnVerify Phone Verification Plugin for WordPress is updated. This is a minor change release. This release corrects the incompatibility for installations with different directory structure, and also adds more security to the code itself.

A demo is available at http://blog.onverify.com/wp-login.php?action=register

More informations is available at http://www.onverify.com/a/plugins/w/wordpress

The Plugin is available at http://www.onverify.com/ and will be released to WordPress repository soon.

Phone Verification Module for Magento

OnVerify.com officially announces immediate availability of phone verification module for Magento.


Feature highlights:

  1. No change on magento codes.
  2. Works with standard magento hooks
  3. Supports phone or sms verification type, which can be set from administration page
  4.  Automated number format checking
  5.  Built-in country code prefix adding (no need for country pull down)
  6.  Phone Verification template (what’s to be said on the phone call) can be customized
  7.  SMS Verification message can be configured
  8.  Phone number blacklist
  9.  IP blacklist
  10.  Limit #verifications
  11.  Set retry time between trials


    More information is available at: http://www.onverify.com/a/plugins/w/magento

    Online demo at: http://magento.onverify.com/index.php/customer/account/create/



Phone Verification Plugin for WordPress

OnVerify proudly announces the first alpha of phone verification module for wordpress. The plugin is downloadable from http://www.onverify.com/.

Basically it does protect your wordpress installation at comments, registration, lost password, login form; so adds extra security to your wordpress.

The plugin model is simple, uses standard wordpress hooks, so no need to change a single code at wordpress base. It adds two simple fields to selected areas; telephone and code to enter. When the form is submitted, it checks the pin which must be gotten with sms or phone call

More details are at http://www.onverify.com/a/plugins/w/wordpress, you can access plugin details and setup instructions with opening a free account at
[TBS_BUTTON id=”mySpecialButton” link=”http://www.onverify.com/”]http://www.onverify.com/[/TBS_BUTTON]

You can also test it without any payment.


Phone Verification Module for PrestaShop

OnVerify.com announces immediate availability of Phone Verification Module for PrestaShop, with following features:

  1. Phone, SMS or User selection phone verification (can be changed from PrestaShop Admin)
  2. Works before the payment process
  3. Ability to verify all orders, or once per customer account
  4. Promote the customer to specific customer group after verification
  5. Bypass specific customer group (like wholesale)
  6. Phone Verification Template can be changed from PrestaShop Admin, and can be managed from www.onverify.com
  7. SMS Message template can be managed from PrestaShop Admin
  8. Number of digits in PIN can be set from PrestaShop Admin
  9. Limit #verifications per customer
  10. Limit retry time between verifications
  11. Blacklist specific phone numbers of prefixes, from PrestaShop Admin and www.onverify.com
  12. Block specific phone types from www.onverify.com
  13. Limit cost of verification call from www.onverify.com
  14. Blacklist IP’s from admin interface
  15. Limit number of sales to the same number in given period from PrestaShop Admin
  16. Built-in number validation and correction. Invalid numbers are rejected by OnVerify.com.
  17. Built-in IP to Country prefix checking and correction

Live demo is available at http://presta.onverify.com. Opening a free account at http://www.onverify.com/ lets you access full package.

This module is distributed free of charge, but each verification is billed.

OnVerify.com provides, easy to use worldwide Automated Phone Verification service. Applying for an account is free of charge at http://www.onverify.com/. OnVerify works from balance and charges only the answered phone calls.


Phone Verification Module for VBulletin 4.X

OnVerify.com proudly announces the immediate availability of the Phone Verification Module for Vbulletin 4.X

Here are the feature highlights:

  1. Works at Account Activation step or before subscription payment
  2. Supports phone or sms verification type, which can be set from administration page (Phone or SMS Only, User Select or auto select)
  3.  Automated number format checking
  4.  Built-in country code prefix adding (no need for country pull down)
  5.  Phone Verification template (what’s to be said on the phone call) can be customized
  6. SMS Verification message can be configured
  7. Automatically promote users to a specific group
  8. Bypass verification for specific customer groups (like wholesale)
  9. Limit #verifications
  10. Set retry time between trialsYou can try it from http://vb4.onverify.com/.

    You can try it at your VBulletin based forum free of charge, by opening an account at http://www.onverify.com/

Phone Verification Modules for Popular Web Software

OnVerify.com continues to provide more support to Online Business with ready to go modules for the selected software. The most recent contribution is WHMCS Fraud Protection module, which is free of charge and try. Online demo is available at http://whmcs.onverify.com/. It carries all the characteristics of OnVerify Module architecture, such as:

  1. Automatic number validation and correction
  2. Supports Phone or SMS Verification
  3. Call Flow or SMS message can be customized
  4. Extra security levels: #retry limit, ip->country code checking,…
  5. Free Module
  6. Pay only per verification
WHMCS module also includes support for Maxmind’s minFraud system.

Before WHMCS module, OnVerify developed following modules:

  1. Opencart Phone Verification (opencart.onverify.com)
  2. VBulletin Phone Verification (vb4.onverify.com)
  3. WordPress Phone Verification (blog.onverify.com)

New modules are under development, announcements will be posted to http://blog.onverify.com/

OnVerify.com provides automated phone/sms verification service. This solution can be highly customized. OnVerify does not charge for account opening or does not ask a monthly fee. You will only pay per verification. You don’t have to pay a dime till you test everything and find the solution meets your requirements!