Enhanced SMS Verification Service

OnVerify is proud to announce several enhancements on sms verification, which is a primarily used to verify mobile phone numbers and users:

  1. Standard SMS Verification. OnVerify delivers in a robust, highly available environment. Only bills, “valid”, “live” phone number verifications. (Why do you pay for wrong mobile numbers?)
  2. Reverse SMS Verification. Add a second step to the verification, not only you check the sms deliverability, but also you complete the verification over user’s mobile phone.
  3. POP SMS. This is an exciting new service, which pops verification pin on user’s phone. This SMS is not stored on phone. It’s single use, and not stored. Very suitable for otp use. All phones supported. Works over GSM networks.
  4. Reverse POP SMS. This service is an extension to POP SMS. Not only it delivers a pop message on the phone, you can also get the pin from the user. Zero cost to the customer. Enhanced and flexible service.
Will detail new services on the upcoming blogs, but I would suggest you to test live demo at http://www.onverify.com/phone-verification-demo

Mobile Number Verification with Reverse SMS

OnVerify.com announces today a new service to verify mobile numbers worldwide with a very strong security feature: Reverse SMS Verification.

This verification method works in two-way; an sms is sent to mobile number, and a response required from the mobile number to be verified.

We believe that this method is one of the most secure two factor authentication methods, due to the response required from mobile number in order to complete a transaction.

To summarize the method:

1. A secret pin/token is sent to the mobile number via SMS

2. When receiver gets the SMS he has to reply with the pin/token in the SMS

3. OnVerify gets the reply and compares it with the right pin

4. Authorization takes place

The online demo is available at http://www.onverify.com/reverse-sms-verification-demo

Developer documentation is available in the member area of onverify.com. Account opening is free with OnVerify.com; there is no setup or monthly fee or monthly minimums. Give a test drive today, if it helps you, go ahead with the solution. As you grow, we will grow