Eliminate Fraud with Phone Verification

Let’s face it: If you re doing business online, your business is open 24 hours a day. ┬áIt’s still reachable at 3am when you are not watching it.

Another fact is that there are several fraudsters out there trying to order with stolen card, trying to access unauthorized accounts. And they do that this way or that way.

One another thing is that, while you try to reach real customers, you may find out that a fraudster filled several records in your database.

I can extend the samples a lot, but the main point is, you need to identify “good” and “bad”. Yes, by your business experience you can do till a certain point. But there are so many user profiles out there that you cannot identify only by your experience.

OnVerify.com here helps you and provides an automated way to distinguish “good” and “bad” with automated phone verifications.

For example, you are accepting free sign-ups for lead generation, a classical flow is:

  1. Display the offer
  2. Ask the customer’s details
  3. Record Details
  4. Send a welcome e-mail

OnVerify.com’s phone verification system can be placed in between 2 and 3; ask the customer to verify himself, easily, with an automated phone call.(It’s easier than sending an e-mail). So your new flow will be

  1. Display offer
  2. Ask the customer’s details
  3. Initiate a verification via OnVerify.com
  4. Ask announced pin
  5. RecordDetails
  6. Send a welcome e-mail

Adding an automated phone verification usually takes 2 hours to 2 days. There will be no setup or monthly fee, you will be charged only for the answered calls. See a live demo at http://www.onverify.com/a/demo