Lead Verification with Automated Phone Verification provided by OnVerify

Business means sales, sales means leads. Almost every kind of business needs and does marketing. Internet based marketing is today’s least expensive entry, measurable and quick results oriented marketing method.

When a business does Internet based marketing, users are  presented a landing page to give a quick idea of the offer. On that page(s), business tries to convince the user to act. Depending on the offer, user asked to download, buy, comment. In any case, business needs user information to convert the user to lead or a customer.

On Landing Page(s), simple forms are used to collect user data, that will help business to contact the lead for follow-up. As this is Internet world, letting the user to enter the data in free format, will result irrelevant and meaningless data. So the entered data is checked against some formatting rules like, email, address, city, country and most importantly phone number.

Two most important data on lead collection forms are; email and phone number. They are the only means to contact the lead. E-mails can be verified by sending a confirmation code and asking the user to confirm it. But the phone numbers other than format checking cannot be verified without actually calling. This is where OnVerify.com can help the process beneficial and automated.


Let me explain the idea a bit more detail. Think again, a big marketing campaign is done, several people came to the Landing Page, they are offered something that cannot be turned down, the business got several bits of data about their customer, but they have some contact numbers that are not working.
Here we come to our solution; OnVerify.com. OnVerify.com provides Automated Phone Verification service to clean up that kind of data and make it real information and valuable sales lead.


Rather than calling the leads manually later, call them automatically at the time of offer, without a staff, without an investment. A true value added service to complement Performable.com’s already great set of lead generation and management tools. The result is a clean Lead Information.

OnVerify.com provides all the infrastructure as a service, integration is done using simple HTTP API.

To summarize the whole flow:
1. Marketing campaign will bring leads to Landing Page.
2. Landing Page will explain the offer, and motivate them to fill in a form
3. When Form is submitted, together with other controls, and automated phone verification call will be done over OnVerify.com. This is a call to announce a pin on the phone, and lead has to enter the pin in the form
4. If pin is right, lead will be marked as verified.

An automated phone verification demo is located at: http://www.onverify.com/a/demo






Fraud Prevention: Calling the Customer

When you are suspicious about  order,  you better call the customer to confirm and cross-check the order. Because either your previous experience or your fraud scoring system alerted you. Sometimes that simple call helps to get rid of a $25 chargeback.

If number of orders are high during the day, or it’s hard to place a staff for this calling operation;  here comes Automated Phone Verification & Confirmation. Automated Phone Verification & Confirmation will help you automate your Order Checking process via phone; no hardware, no special software, and no personnel to run this. OnVerify.com provides a solution.

OnVerify.com helps you to Automate the Phone Verification and Phone Confirmation process. All you need to do is to integrate OnVerify.com API into your existing code and process.