Simplified Email to Fax Solution

OnVerify proudly announces the immediate availability of email to fax solution. The solution is tailored for web based forms and information gathering. It’s as easy as to send an email to deliver a form’s results to a fax machine worldwide.

In order to make it work:

  • Open an account at
  • Set your sender email at My Account / Email To Fax
  • Get your code for the new sender
  • Send an email to

Pricing is per delivered fax page. Details are at

You can also conduct automated phone confirmation process after fax delivery.

Phone Verification and Confirmation Services

Been a while that we did not update the blog for news, new information and what we do nowadays. Give it to summer time, we will announce very new and cool services very soon.

Recently we released a new API for combined phone and sms verification. With a single call, OnVerify delivers your PIN or OTP to the customer with phone call or sms, which is auto selected according to phone type and capability. All of the parameters are same and a combination of Phone Only phone verification and SMS Only verification, the migration is quite simple. You just need to change the url of the service, viola, you have it.

Some of the ebay sellers, or occasional sellers know about our manual phone verification model; this is a web based tool, that generates a unique url to execute automated phone verification. You just login to, generate the url, and send it to your customer. Very handy for ebay sellers, occasional sellers, or if you like to test the system for a while, but do not want it to be real time.

We listen to our customers, when they ask a feature, we try to add it up as soon as possible. Even it’s used in a single site, it makes us happy, motivated to see our solution really fits to our customer’s needs.

So, as we started with standard phone verification, it was just simple pin/otp delivery solution. Now we have, phone confirmation (reverse phone verification), sms verification, fax services, two way sms solution, HTTP and SOAP APIs, Copy paste html solution, call in phone verification.

Even we have diversified so many products and services, believe me, it never ends. A simple detail in a product and service brings another one, as our customers are very open minded and express their ideas and force us to have it.

Thank you

All In One Phone Verification Solution by OnVerify announces the complete phone verification solution services. At, we provide:

1. Phone Verification

This is an automated phone verification call. The pin is announced on the phone. Announced pin needed to be entered on the web form to complete a transaction. This model is used for transaction verification, user verification, two factor authentication, one time password, lead verification.

2. Reverse Phone Verification or Phone Confirmation.

In this automated phone verification call, pin is provided at web site or email but entered on the phone. This model is very useful for confirming online orders with predefined pin/pass, or according to the order number. Order confirmation, user verification, authentication are common uses.

3. Sms / Text Message Verification

Instead of automated phone call, if your users can provide mobile numbers, pin is delivered to the mobile phone as sms text message. The received pin must be entered on web form to complete. This model is very similar to phone verification, so best suitable usages are same. Differences are;

a. Technology. One is phone call, other is text message. On phone call user must listen and note pin. On text message user must read the text.
b. Phone call is an immediate action, where short message delivery may be delayed due to operators.
c. For phone verification, all types of phones can be used. On sms, only mobile phones can be used. On this sense, sms verification may be unsuitable for business type verifications.

4. Call In Phone Verification

Instead of automated call to the number of the customer, the customer has to call a predetermined number from the registered call. The called number can be normal phone line or toll-free. Coupon validation, user authentication, customer verification are common uses.

Telephony Solutions for Online Food Order Business

OnVerify provides complete telephone set for online food order business which are:

1. Web to Fax Service. Send order details via fax to the restaurant. Just provide the html and number, onverify delivers it as a fax.

2. Automated Phone Confirmation. Confirm the order automatically by calling the restaurant. Restaurant needs to enter his pin or order specific pin on the phone.

3. Send SMS notification. Inform customer for delivery times, notify restaurant order in case of urgency. You can even dispatch replies. Or you can use it for urgent cases.

4. Phone Verification. Verify the order from the customer.

5. Phone Notification. For marketing or urgent cases

Give it a free trial at Account opening is free. There is no monthly minimum, or monthly fee.



Bridging Your Online Business with Offline Processing with Phone Confirmation by

There are several business cases where your business is online, but your suppliers/sales personnel/providers are offline; so you cannot connect via internet. Some of the examples:

1. Online Food Ordering Business, where there are several restaurants,

2. Sales Personnel at field, where he cannot access internet

3. Online Florist (Flower Ordering) in a big geographical span where several florists need to be working.

In this business model, you need to gather order from internet, process payment and need a way to communicate with offline supplier/provider. You need to pass the order to supplier and also need to confirm that order. has got a complete solution package to this problem:

1. Most of the business has got dedicated fax machines. You can send fax to any worldwide destination only using html formatted documents.

2. Reverse Phone Verification / Phone Confirmation will help you to get confirmation from the supplier/provider. This is a call to supplier and ask a pin to confirm.

3. Sms/Phone Notification will help you to notify your supplier about a new order, and to notify your customer

4. Call In Phone Verification is a dedicated intelligent call center that you can set specific actions when your supplier calls your call center number. Like playing the last order, accepting or rejecting the last order, etc…

Visit for more information or just drop an e-mail to

Fraud Prevention: Calling the Customer

When you are suspicious about  order,  you better call the customer to confirm and cross-check the order. Because either your previous experience or your fraud scoring system alerted you. Sometimes that simple call helps to get rid of a $25 chargeback.

If number of orders are high during the day, or it’s hard to place a staff for this calling operation;  here comes Automated Phone Verification & Confirmation. Automated Phone Verification & Confirmation will help you automate your Order Checking process via phone; no hardware, no special software, and no personnel to run this. provides a solution. helps you to Automate the Phone Verification and Phone Confirmation process. All you need to do is to integrate API into your existing code and process.