Simplified Email to Fax Solution

OnVerify proudly announces the immediate availability of email to fax solution. The solution is tailored for web based forms and information gathering. It’s as easy as to send an email to deliver a form’s results to a fax machine worldwide.

In order to make it work:

  • Open an account at
  • Set your sender email at My Account / Email To Fax
  • Get your code for the new sender
  • Send an email to

Pricing is per delivered fax page. Details are atĀ

You can also conduct automated phone confirmation process after fax delivery.

Telephony Solutions for Online Food Order Business

OnVerify provides complete telephone set for online food order business which are:

1. Web to Fax Service. Send order details via fax to the restaurant. Just provide the html and number, onverify delivers it as a fax.

2. Automated Phone Confirmation. Confirm the order automatically by calling the restaurant. Restaurant needs to enter his pin or order specific pin on the phone.

3. Send SMS notification. Inform customer for delivery times, notify restaurant order in case of urgency. You can even dispatch replies. Or you can use it for urgent cases.

4. Phone Verification. Verify the order from the customer.

5. Phone Notification. For marketing or urgent cases

Give it a free trial at Account opening is free. There is no monthly minimum, or monthly fee.



Bridging Your Online Business with Offline Processing with Phone Confirmation by

There are several business cases where your business is online, but your suppliers/sales personnel/providers are offline; so you cannot connect via internet. Some of the examples:

1. Online Food Ordering Business, where there are several restaurants,

2. Sales Personnel at field, where he cannot access internet

3. OnlineĀ Florist (Flower Ordering) in a big geographical span where several florists need to be working.

In this business model, you need to gather order from internet, process payment and need a way to communicate with offline supplier/provider. You need to pass the order to supplier and also need to confirm that order. has got a complete solution package to this problem:

1. Most of the business has got dedicated fax machines. You can send fax to any worldwide destination only using html formatted documents.

2. Reverse Phone Verification / Phone Confirmation will help you to get confirmation from the supplier/provider. This is a call to supplier and ask a pin to confirm.

3. Sms/Phone Notification will help you to notify your supplier about a new order, and to notify your customer

4. Call In Phone Verification is a dedicated intelligent call center that you can set specific actions when your supplier calls your call center number. Like playing the last order, accepting or rejecting the last order, etc…

Visit for more information or just drop an e-mail to