Phone Verification Module for Magento officially announces immediate availability of phone verification module for Magento.


Feature highlights:

  1. No change on magento codes.
  2. Works with standard magento hooks
  3. Supports phone or sms verification type, which can be set from administration page
  4.  Automated number format checking
  5.  Built-in country code prefix adding (no need for country pull down)
  6.  Phone Verification template (what’s to be said on the phone call) can be customized
  7.  SMS Verification message can be configured
  8.  Phone number blacklist
  9.  IP blacklist
  10.  Limit #verifications
  11.  Set retry time between trials


    More information is available at:

    Online demo at:



Benefits of Automated Phone Verification

I am running an online business. I have several costs, hosting, development, design, seo, marketing,.. Why will I add another cost? What is the point?

I have several answers to this question. If you are conducting an online business any protection and validation method that fits your sales flow, counts!

What is your goal? To get more users? To collect lead data? Increase your registered users?

Automated Phone Verification in its standard and basic model adds another captcha, where captcha delivery is offline but real time.

Your lead fills in a form, he may give several fake information including a contact number. With automated phone verification in place, you will get rid of invalid data but also a reachable lead. Believe me, a contactable sales lead is very very valuable if the lead comes from online world.

How about you are getting several registrationsto your services every day? How about if they enter, easy to, false information? Automated phone verification validates each registration. Also, automated phone verification keeps these users out.

As a business owner I want to earn money. I market the business, bring customers to web site, tell them what is offered. Try to convince them to register and pay. In case of chargeback of fraud several processors bill at least the fees, while cancelling the payment. Even some chargeback fees can be applied. So even a $20 sale can cost you $3-$30. Automated phone verification helps you to minimize this probabilty. Most of the fraudsters avoid sites protected with automated phone verification. Also ask your credit card processor if they accept automated phone verification as a proof of payment, because paypal accepts it.

You will benefit from automated phone verification. Why don’t you open a free account at onverify, test it free? You won’t lose anything but can earn lots

Phone Verification for Digital Goods provides automated phone verification services for digital goods.

Digital goods sale usually face big rate of fraud and chargeback. Each chargeback cause business not only loss of digital good but also chargeback fee of 5 to 25 usd per transaction. can help you minimize the chargeback and fraud possibility with phone verifications.

The solution is’s phone verification. When you conduct phone verification at the time of purchase, you have a valid proof of working phone number and a fraud user will avoid a phone verification in order not to be tracable.

Phone verification is conducted just before the actual transaction. When your customer decides to buy a digital good, he will be asked to provide a phone number that he can answer. When your customer clicks to verify now, and automated phone verification call will be placed over The phone call will announce a pin. Your customer needs to enter that pin on the purchase page to complete the transaction. A valid pin will complete the process and your customer’s card will be charged. works totally works transparent behind the scenes. For this provides easy to use Http API. Integration is simple, quick and just a few lines of code. provides sample codes and sdk for the integration. And also free support for integration is free of charge.

Opening a free account is free of charge. There is no monthly fee or monthly minimums. Onverify works from balance and also provides postpaid option for corporate use. The rates start from 4 cents per answered verification call. Volume discount is available.

Why don’t you try yourself at or drop us an email to evaluate your requirements at We will be glad to help.

Phone Verification adds value to your online business

Automated Phone Verification will definitely help your business. It will protect your business and also your customers. It will automatically minimize the possibility of chargeback, fraud, scam, bad usage.

With Phone Verification Services, you can automatically call your customer, deliver a pin or ask a pin, and also record his name or ask to repeat a sentence. At the end of a Phone Verification by, you will have a traceable  phone number, which is valid, and a recording, that’s expected as a proof of the sale.

In Lead Generation, the most important part is the Lead Validation and Verification. Using an Website, you can collect several lead data. But unless you cannot validate this data, and convert it to information, it’s useless and time-wasting operation. helps you to automatically validate a lead phone data, and convert it to a very valuable lead information.

One of the most important sales argument, that Internet bring, is trial/test accounts. Everybody likes to see the product or service in action before they decide to buy. This is one of the things uses heavily, as account opening is free, and all customers are welcome to test, try before they make the decision to buy, without paying a penny. But trial use also collects scam and fraud use. Several accounts will be opened by the same user. helps your trial program, but automatically verifying the end user, so keeps bad usage out of your web site. This will boost your productivity, efforts, ROI.

Digital Products, by their nature, can be easily delivered. There is no transportation/customs cost. You can sell an ebook, music, video, game codes, game tricks, game currency over a website. But without a protection mechanism against fraud, scam and chargeback, your will lose money. adds value to your Digital Product Business, by adding an extra protection level; when you use Phone Verification Service by, you can immediately see a sudden decrease in your chargebacks. Your income will increase. adds value to your online business, with automated phone verifications. Your chargebacks will decrease. Your real accounts will increase. You only deal with real customers. Your productivity increases.

It’s free to apply for an account. Why don’t you give it a try?

Lead Verification with Automated Phone Verification provided by OnVerify

Business means sales, sales means leads. Almost every kind of business needs and does marketing. Internet based marketing is today’s least expensive entry, measurable and quick results oriented marketing method.

When a business does Internet based marketing, users are  presented a landing page to give a quick idea of the offer. On that page(s), business tries to convince the user to act. Depending on the offer, user asked to download, buy, comment. In any case, business needs user information to convert the user to lead or a customer.

On Landing Page(s), simple forms are used to collect user data, that will help business to contact the lead for follow-up. As this is Internet world, letting the user to enter the data in free format, will result irrelevant and meaningless data. So the entered data is checked against some formatting rules like, email, address, city, country and most importantly phone number.

Two most important data on lead collection forms are; email and phone number. They are the only means to contact the lead. E-mails can be verified by sending a confirmation code and asking the user to confirm it. But the phone numbers other than format checking cannot be verified without actually calling. This is where can help the process beneficial and automated.


Let me explain the idea a bit more detail. Think again, a big marketing campaign is done, several people came to the Landing Page, they are offered something that cannot be turned down, the business got several bits of data about their customer, but they have some contact numbers that are not working.
Here we come to our solution; provides Automated Phone Verification service to clean up that kind of data and make it real information and valuable sales lead.


Rather than calling the leads manually later, call them automatically at the time of offer, without a staff, without an investment. A true value added service to complement’s already great set of lead generation and management tools. The result is a clean Lead Information. provides all the infrastructure as a service, integration is done using simple HTTP API.

To summarize the whole flow:
1. Marketing campaign will bring leads to Landing Page.
2. Landing Page will explain the offer, and motivate them to fill in a form
3. When Form is submitted, together with other controls, and automated phone verification call will be done over This is a call to announce a pin on the phone, and lead has to enter the pin in the form
4. If pin is right, lead will be marked as verified.

An automated phone verification demo is located at:






Automated Phone Verification with Free Phone Type Information and Blockage announces free phone type information on all automated phone verification requests. The phone type information is fired when the verification completed, free of charge, as a notification to your web business.

Also, customer’s on can block which numbers to call from easy to use web interface of according to

  1. Country
  2. Phone Type
  3. Cost of the call

Built-in Phone Types at are

  1. Proper Number
  2. Audio Text Number
  3. Carrier Selection Number
  4. Digital Subscriber Line Number
  5. Electronic / fax services number
  6. Personal Number
  7. Freephone Number
  8. Geographic Number
  9. Global Title Address Number
  10. VoIP Telephony Number
  11. Internet Service Provider Number
  12. Local Rate Number
  13. Mobile Number
  14. National Geographic Number
  15. National Rate Number
  16. Pager Number
  17. Virtual Private Network Number
  18. Payphone Number
  19. Premium Rate Number
  20. Routing Code Number
  21. Shared Cost Number
  22. Short Code Number
  23. Satellite Number
  24. Telegram Services Number
  25. TETRA mobile services number
  26. Test Number
  27. Telex Number
  28. Universal Access Number
  29. Voicemail (Geographic) Number
  30. Voicemail (Mobile) Number
  31. Videotext Number
  32. Wireless Geographic Number
  33. Drama Purposes Number

Feel free to ask questions about Automated Phone Verification with We are sure that it will help you combat fraud and chargebacks. If you use Automated Phone Verification at Lead Generation pages, you will have clean contact lists.

Customizable Phone Verification means

Automated Phone Verification is the number one way to combat online fraud, eliminate anonymous bad usage, attacks and unbeatable captcha alternative.

If you do online business, you are open to fraud, bad usage, anonymous bad signup, invalid leads; the common denominator is time and money loss. provides you a 100% customizable Automated Phone Verification solution, ready to go. You can integrate it in a couple of minutes to your existing business flow, with minor changes.

By Customizable, I mean 100% customizable; you can set any text to be said, any wav file to be played at any step during the call flow. Not only that, you can put a step to get a pin from phone, or record the customers name. All included, free of charge, from easy to use web interface.

Customization is not limited to call flow; you can also customize the language of the verification and also customize per call variables.

From online merchants, to online food order business; from single person companies to Fortune 500 companies use to reduce fraud, authenticate users, send fax orders, do important sms notifications. has got following services:

  1. Phone Verification – Announce Pin on the Phone. Get Pin on Web Site
  2. Reverse Phone Verification – Display Pin on Web Site, Get Pin on the Phone
  3. Call In Phone Verification – Let the customer call you, and do one of the above verifications
  4. Copy Paste HTML Code – Real Captcha Alternative. Stops any form from processing better than Captcha way and does phone verification. Just copy and paste the html code to your form’s html
  5. Fax Notification – If you need to bridge your online business with offline business/suppliers, we provide a worldwide fax delivery solution at a very cost effective way
  6. SMS Notification/Verification – If you want to send something urgent to a mobile number or just want to verify mobile number, we suggest SMS.
  7. Free or Paid Phone Types Information. Validate phone numbers with us at 1 cents/each is very responsive to customer requirements. We always listen you, and add features according to your needs. That’s the final point of customization.

How to add Phone Verification to your website with’s Services

Adding a phone verification to your web site consists of following steps:

  1. Display form to get number
  2. Get number, generate pin code
  3. Initiate verification call over
  4. Display Form to validate announced pin
  5. If entered pin is right, mark verification completed
  6. If entered pin is wrong, ask pin again

Display Form to Get Number

Here is a simple form to get number:

<form method=”post”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”a” value=”call”>
<input type=”text” name=”number”> (must be in international format ie 18581234567 (country code+areacode+number)
<input type=”submit” name=”verify” value=”verify”>
Get Number, Generate Pin (PHP)
$number = $_POST[number];
if ($number) {
$pin = sprintf(“%s%s%s%s”, rand(1,9), rand(1,9), rand(1,9),rand(1,9));
$_SESSION[pincheck] = $pin;
Initiate Verification
youruserid and apipass is provided in your account when you logged in to yourtemplateid is listed under Templates tab. You can change the flow of the call from
$f = file(“{$pin}&template_id=yourtemplateid&number={$number}”);

Display Form to Get Announced Pin

a verification call is on the way, please enter the pin announced on the phone here to complete

<form method=post>

<input type=hidden name=a value=getpin>

<input type=hidden name=a value=getpin>

<input type=text name=pin>

<input type=submit name=verify>


Check Entered Pin

if ($_POST[pin]==$_SESSION[pincheck])  {

echo “all ok. continue with other processing<br>”;


else echo “wrong pin<br>”; // redisplay pin entrance form

Integration of’s Phone Verification is simple and straightforward. You can open a free account at to see it in action and to test. A real-time automated demo is located here.

Download complete sample phone verification code

One Time Password with Phone Verification by

Today, I want to discuss One Time Password solution with Phone Verification, definition, benefits and how to implement it with

One Time Password is a password that’s valid only for the current session or transaction, by it’s definition. So, rather than asking the same password, your customer needs to enter a password that can be used only once and specific to the transaction he wants to conduct. It helps to solve a couple of problems like

  1. Stolen Password
  2. Forgetten Password
  3. Brute Force Attacks

One Time Password adds another security level to the transaction.

On the implementation side, you need to provide One Time Passwords to your customers before they want to do a transaction. One of the solutions is to sending a token generating small device to your customer. But this brings delivery issues with itself, and it’s not immediate.

Another solution is sending the One Time Password via SMS (short text message) to the mobile number on file. provides worldwide delivery of SMS. It’s suitable if you have the mobile number of the customer. This method has got a high security property. You don’t need to send a device to your customer. It’s immediate. But this method won’t work if you do not have the mobile phone number of the customer.

A %100 working solution would be sending the One Time Password via an automated Phone Verification call. The password is generated on the fly, that’s bound to specific transaction. When your customer wants to login your services, an Automated Phone Verification will be initiated to the phone number on file. When customer picks up the phone, he will hear the password as voice. He needs to enter the password on your system to access and complete a transaction.

For more information how to setup One Time Password with Phone Verification please contact us or send us an email to

Eliminate Fraud with Phone Verification

Let’s face it: If you re doing business online, your business is open 24 hours a day.  It’s still reachable at 3am when you are not watching it.

Another fact is that there are several fraudsters out there trying to order with stolen card, trying to access unauthorized accounts. And they do that this way or that way.

One another thing is that, while you try to reach real customers, you may find out that a fraudster filled several records in your database.

I can extend the samples a lot, but the main point is, you need to identify “good” and “bad”. Yes, by your business experience you can do till a certain point. But there are so many user profiles out there that you cannot identify only by your experience. here helps you and provides an automated way to distinguish “good” and “bad” with automated phone verifications.

For example, you are accepting free sign-ups for lead generation, a classical flow is:

  1. Display the offer
  2. Ask the customer’s details
  3. Record Details
  4. Send a welcome e-mail’s phone verification system can be placed in between 2 and 3; ask the customer to verify himself, easily, with an automated phone call.(It’s easier than sending an e-mail). So your new flow will be

  1. Display offer
  2. Ask the customer’s details
  3. Initiate a verification via
  4. Ask announced pin
  5. RecordDetails
  6. Send a welcome e-mail

Adding an automated phone verification usually takes 2 hours to 2 days. There will be no setup or monthly fee, you will be charged only for the answered calls. See a live demo at