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Today, I want to discuss One Time Password solution with Phone Verification, definition, benefits and how to implement it with

One Time Password is a password that’s valid only for the current session or transaction, by it’s definition. So, rather than asking the same password, your customer needs to enter a password that can be used only once and specific to the transaction he wants to conduct. It helps to solve a couple of problems like

  1. Stolen Password
  2. Forgetten Password
  3. Brute Force Attacks

One Time Password adds another security level to the transaction.

On the implementation side, you need to provide One Time Passwords to your customers before they want to do a transaction. One of the solutions is to sending a token generating small device to your customer. But this brings delivery issues with itself, and it’s not immediate.

Another solution is sending the One Time Password via SMS (short text message) to the mobile number on file. provides worldwide delivery of SMS. It’s suitable if you have the mobile number of the customer. This method has got a high security property. You don’t need to send a device to your customer. It’s immediate. But this method won’t work if you do not have the mobile phone number of the customer.

A %100 working solution would be sending the One Time Password via an automated Phone Verification call. The password is generated on the fly, that’s bound to specific transaction. When your customer wants to login your services, an Automated Phone Verification will be initiated to the phone number on file. When customer picks up the phone, he will hear the password as voice. He needs to enter the password on your system to access and complete a transaction.

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