Automated Phone Verification with Free Phone Type Information and Blockage announces free phone type information on all automated phone verification requests. The phone type information is fired when the verification completed, free of charge, as a notification to your web business.

Also, customer’s on can block which numbers to call from easy to use web interface of according to

  1. Country
  2. Phone Type
  3. Cost of the call

Built-in Phone Types at are

  1. Proper Number
  2. Audio Text Number
  3. Carrier Selection Number
  4. Digital Subscriber Line Number
  5. Electronic / fax services number
  6. Personal Number
  7. Freephone Number
  8. Geographic Number
  9. Global Title Address Number
  10. VoIP Telephony Number
  11. Internet Service Provider Number
  12. Local Rate Number
  13. Mobile Number
  14. National Geographic Number
  15. National Rate Number
  16. Pager Number
  17. Virtual Private Network Number
  18. Payphone Number
  19. Premium Rate Number
  20. Routing Code Number
  21. Shared Cost Number
  22. Short Code Number
  23. Satellite Number
  24. Telegram Services Number
  25. TETRA mobile services number
  26. Test Number
  27. Telex Number
  28. Universal Access Number
  29. Voicemail (Geographic) Number
  30. Voicemail (Mobile) Number
  31. Videotext Number
  32. Wireless Geographic Number
  33. Drama Purposes Number

Feel free to ask questions about Automated Phone Verification with We are sure that it will help you combat fraud and chargebacks. If you use Automated Phone Verification at Lead Generation pages, you will have clean contact lists.