VBulletin Phone Verification Plug-in for Paid Subscriptions

OnVerify.com announces immediate availability of Phone Verification Plug-in for Paid Subscriptions in VBulletin.

You can get the product from here

Installation is straightforward:

1. Import product xml from Plugin & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product

2.  Open an account at onverify.com. Get your userid and apipass for my profile tab.

3. Customize your template at onverify.com. and get template id

4. Set Options of VB plugin from VBulletin Options -> OnVerify Phone Verification Options

This plugin stops forwarding to the payment processor, and does phone verification before the actual purchase.

All comments and feedbacks are welcome, we are happy to add more features

Automated Phone Verification with Free Phone Type Information and Blockage

OnVerify.com announces free phone type information on all automated phone verification requests. The phone type information is fired when the verification completed, free of charge, as a notification to your web business.

Also, customer’s on OnVerify.com can block which numbers to call from easy to use web interface of OnVerify.com according to

  1. Country
  2. Phone Type
  3. Cost of the call

Built-in Phone Types at OnVerify.com are

  1. Proper Number
  2. Audio Text Number
  3. Carrier Selection Number
  4. Digital Subscriber Line Number
  5. Electronic / fax services number
  6. Personal Number
  7. Freephone Number
  8. Geographic Number
  9. Global Title Address Number
  10. VoIP Telephony Number
  11. Internet Service Provider Number
  12. Local Rate Number
  13. Mobile Number
  14. National Geographic Number
  15. National Rate Number
  16. Pager Number
  17. Virtual Private Network Number
  18. Payphone Number
  19. Premium Rate Number
  20. Routing Code Number
  21. Shared Cost Number
  22. Short Code Number
  23. Satellite Number
  24. Telegram Services Number
  25. TETRA mobile services number
  26. Test Number
  27. Telex Number
  28. Universal Access Number
  29. Voicemail (Geographic) Number
  30. Voicemail (Mobile) Number
  31. Videotext Number
  32. Wireless Geographic Number
  33. Drama Purposes Number

Feel free to ask questions about Automated Phone Verification with OnVerify.com. We are sure that it will help you combat fraud and chargebacks. If you use Automated Phone Verification at Lead Generation pages, you will have clean contact lists.

Mobile Number Verification with Reverse SMS

OnVerify.com announces today a new service to verify mobile numbers worldwide with a very strong security feature: Reverse SMS Verification.

This verification method works in two-way; an sms is sent to mobile number, and a response required from the mobile number to be verified.

We believe that this method is one of the most secure two factor authentication methods, due to the response required from mobile number in order to complete a transaction.

To summarize the method:

1. A secret pin/token is sent to the mobile number via SMS

2. When receiver gets the SMS he has to reply with the pin/token in the SMS

3. OnVerify gets the reply and compares it with the right pin

4. Authorization takes place

The online demo is available at http://www.onverify.com/reverse-sms-verification-demo

Developer documentation is available in the member area of onverify.com. Account opening is free with OnVerify.com; there is no setup or monthly fee or monthly minimums. Give a test drive today, if it helps you, go ahead with the solution. As you grow, we will grow

OnVerify Plugin for Joomla

I am very excited to announce TS Verification, a native 1.5 Joomla extension developed by tasglobal.com, that lets you have a Phone Verification in joomla registration process very easily.

“It works with default joomla registration process where upon sign up request, user will be asked to add their mobile number with valid country code which will be used in real time to inform user the secret code through automated process to complete the registration process.

Main advantage of this plug-in service is that it works through worldwide and available with language file which enable website owners from any country to use this service in their website with their native language to keep their website secure and free from spam.” says the developer company tasglobal.com.

The entire process takes a few seconds, you’ll get an Automated Phone Verification to fight spam, eliminate bot signups.

Please visit http://www.tasolglobal.com/ts-on-verify.html, download the plug-in, install it. Also don’t forget to open a free account at OnVerify.com

Automatic Phone Verification with Voice Recording by OnVerify.com

OnVerify.com announces a new feature in phone verification system. This feature helps you to do Reverse Phone Verification and also Record customer voice.

Chargebacks in online world are very common, this happens due to either customer forgets the charge or cannot recognize a charge in bill of statement of the credit card. In case of a chargeback banks usually ask a proof of purchase. Standard proofs may mean nothing to the bank, and they usually accept the chargeback.

OnVerify.com has got a solution to that problem: You may now record (only a specific sentence) of the customer, that’s to be used as a proof later on.

With the Reverse Phone Verification with Voice Recording, you shot two birds at the same time; you do two factor phone authentication and also get a real voice stamp of the customer.

We believe this feature will help online merchants by several ways.

Voice Recording as got two versions at OnVerify.com; either you can directly record the voice or record the voice after a right pin entrance.

If this is first time reading about OnVerify.com, I strongly suggest visit our other blog entries and also visit www.onverify.com to get more information and free of charge account.

Customizable Phone Verification means OnVerify.com

Automated Phone Verification is the number one way to combat online fraud, eliminate anonymous bad usage, attacks and unbeatable captcha alternative.

If you do online business, you are open to fraud, bad usage, anonymous bad signup, invalid leads; the common denominator is time and money loss.

OnVerify.com provides you a 100% customizable Automated Phone Verification solution, ready to go. You can integrate it in a couple of minutes to your existing business flow, with minor changes.

By Customizable, I mean 100% customizable; you can set any text to be said, any wav file to be played at any step during the call flow. Not only that, you can put a step to get a pin from phone, or record the customers name. All included, free of charge, from easy to use web interface.

Customization is not limited to call flow; you can also customize the language of the verification and also customize per call variables.

From online merchants, to online food order business; from single person companies to Fortune 500 companies use OnVerify.com to reduce fraud, authenticate users, send fax orders, do important sms notifications.

OnVerify.com has got following services:

  1. Phone Verification – Announce Pin on the Phone. Get Pin on Web Site
  2. Reverse Phone Verification – Display Pin on Web Site, Get Pin on the Phone
  3. Call In Phone Verification – Let the customer call you, and do one of the above verifications
  4. Copy Paste HTML Code – Real Captcha Alternative. Stops any form from processing better than Captcha way and does phone verification. Just copy and paste the html code to your form’s html
  5. Fax Notification – If you need to bridge your online business with offline business/suppliers, we provide a worldwide fax delivery solution at a very cost effective way
  6. SMS Notification/Verification – If you want to send something urgent to a mobile number or just want to verify mobile number, we suggest SMS.
  7. Free or Paid Phone Types Information. Validate phone numbers with us at 1 cents/each

OnVerify.com is very responsive to customer requirements. We always listen you, and add features according to your needs. That’s the final point of customization.

Can Call In Phone Verification be an Alternative to SMS/Phone Verification?

Dear Friends,

Nowadays I am thinking of form of “real contact” verification methods. By “real contact”, I mean phoning, text messaging, forcing customer to act for a phone call or sms, rather than getting a reply to e-mail.

E-mail confirmation and verification is good indeed, but just for validating your further communication channel; not for validating and verifying that you are contacting with a “real” person.

Phone Verification (automatically) calls given number, plays prerecorded script. In the script there is a need to announce a password or pin to access a secure page or complete a transaction. Costs to merchant, your customer pays nothing.

Reverse Phone Verification is a step to make Phone Verification a little more complex; it’s again an automatic call, but password or pin is not announced, rather is gotten on the phone. Your customer need to enter “pin” or “password” on the phone. A callback is fired to your web site. Again costs to the you, your customer does not pay anything.

SMS Verification, is another method of delivery of the pin/password to your end user. You send out an SMS (Text message) to your customer. Well, your customer need to provide some personal mobile number. Usually merhants pays all, but in some cases, customer may be billed by his operator. Delivery may be delayed due to operator, mobile phone coverage, and some other issues. But it’s worldwide, and really cost effective.

In Call In Phone Verification, your customer need to call a local/domestic/toll-free number  from the registered phone (number). Your customer either gets a “pin” or “password”, or enters the pin. This will cost to the business, and may also cost to the end user.  This method lowers your automatic verification costs. Providing a local phone number, you limit your customer base to be local in a way. The advantage over the SMS Verification is that your customer does not have to provide his mobile number, he may register and call from any phone number.

There are several ways to automatically verify your customers using phone calls or sms. I tried to summarize them, and I think “Call in Phone Verification” is really a good alternative to “SMS Verification” by means of cost, easy of use.

Let me know what you think

Are Phone Verifications Customizable at OnVerify.com?

Yes, 100%. Verifications are customizable with templates and template parameters.

A template refers to a call flow, and you can set your steps in the call flow like. “Say Text”, “Ask Pin”, “Record”, “Play wav”.

Not only you can set the steps, but also you can also customize each verification with  verification initialization parameters. For example, you can use the same template to verify your customers but you can customize the template to say the customer’s name on the phone.

When you sign-up for a free account at OnVerify.com, you can access template management interface without a limitation. If you need more help just drop an e-mail to support@onverify.com

Copy Paste HTML Code Phone Verification by OnVerify.com

Dear Friends,

We listen to our customers, last month we got a special request from our customers. The request was a copy paste html code to be inserted to an html page to work together with a phone verification. The HTML code required to do phone verification without any code on the server side.

At first this looked not a normal request; till now, what we learnt in the Phone Verification market is that, you need to integrate with custom coding over HTTP or SOAP APIs, this is totally an upside down feature.

Later, during our meetings with sales and tech team, we figured out that it’s possible and very good feature indeed for several Internet users who only know of some html knowledge, but they are developing content and fetching information from their customers/users.

So, we have a solid solution with HTML and Javascript technologies. There is no single code needed to integrate or there is no single change need in your standard form processing. This solution stops the current form from submission, and starts a phone verification according to your set up.

Let me explain the steps required to use Copy Paste HTML Code Phone Verification:

  1. You need to open a free account at OnVerify.com
  2. You will have a default Phone Verification template. You can edit it from Templates menu item.
  3. Go to Developers, than Copy Paste HTML Code menu item
  4. Add your site to the list. This is an important step as we must know where you put html code
  5. Then customize your form according to your needs. We need to know form name and phone number field name in the form.
  6. Then get the generated code and paste it to your html page, just before </body> tag.

Viola! You have a phone verification feature, which is powerful solution to captcha, and a real captcha alternative.

Drop me your comments, ideas to here or support@onverify.com. I’ll be happy to see them, and answer them. If you have a new feature idea, please do share; we are here to provide you the best solution in Phone Verification market.

How to Send SMS from your website using OnVerify.com

SMS, which is abbreviation of Short Message service, is the most commonly used feature of a mobile phone after the phone call. Although it’s limited to 160 characters, sending an sms text is very popular in several cases like;

  • A phone call is not possible
  • A phone call will cost more than sending an sms message
  • It’s more fun to send sms text rather than talking at that time.

There are just a few samples for individuals use sms text to communicate.

But if you own a web site, adding an sms service to your site, can be cool, and cutting edge. Also adds another form of communication with your customers, and your web site.

Some of the examples of sms service at your web site can be listed, but not limited to:

  • Customer Verification with SMS message
  • Notification of special events/products/discounts via SMS text
  • Notification to your self about some cases at your web site
  • SMS Text Marketing of your opt-in lists (You cannot just send sms to any number without a prior approval)

Samples continue.

There are several sms service providers in Internet world. But at OnVerify.com, we provide the easiest solution with standard features, at a competitive price. You don’t need to write long sms software to send sms text from your web site.

Firstly you need to open a free account at OnVerify.com. It’s free, gives you $0.25 credit when you complete Phone Verification process automatically. Then get your userid and apipass from documentation or profile page, and paste the code below in your favorite php editor:

$f = file(“http://www.onverify.com/sms.php?userid=youruserid&apipass=apipass&msg=test&number=number”);

That single line of code will initiate a sms text sending from your web site easily. Let me explain the parameters:

userid=youruserid, this is the userid you get from onverify.com,  we need to recognize you

apipass=yourapipass, this is the api password you get from onverify.com to authenticate you

msg=test, this is the text message we will send to the mobile number. remember to urlencode your message before feeding it to here.

number=number, this is the number we will send sms text message to. It must be in international numbering format; country code + area code + number (like 18581234567)

On return, you’ll have a single line. Which is a numeric code, that you may want to check.

switch($f[0]) {
case “2”:
echo “username or password is wrong”;
case “3”:
echo “balance is not enough”;
case “4”:
echo “number wrong”;
case “6”:
echo “ip restriction”;
case “7”:
echo “dublicate vid”;
if ($f[0]>100) echo “sms is queued”;

Let me explain. At first step we send to request to OnVerify.com’s sms service. We get a numeric code from that page, which can be 2,3,4,6,7 or >100.  each meaning something.

2: username or apipass is wrong. please re check and compare them with OnVerify.com

3: balance is not enough. OnVerify.com works from positive balance. But don’t worry during the tests and integrations. Just drop us an e-mail to support@onverify.com. Ask for more credits, and explain your project. We are more than happy to help

4. number wrong. Yes it must be in international format. Which is country code + area code + number

6. restricted ip. You can limit the server’s ip that the calls with be initiated from

7. dublicate vid. This is used for callback firing. At the end of sms sending we fire a callback to your system explaning the status of the sms. (sent, unsent, cost, etc)

Sending a SMS text is asynchronous at onverify.com. Which means, when you initiate a sms sending, OnVerify.com will return you immediately if this call is accepted or not. Later, it will notify you with sending a request to the callback url that you set at sms text message initiation step.

In this article, I tried to show how easy it’s to send sms text message to any phone using OnVerify.com’s services.  In order to send sms text, you dont need to setup/develop big sms software, just use the sms service feature of OnVerify.com