OnVerify.com moves to Amazon Platform.


For highest flexibility, performance and high availability (100%) onverify.com moved to amazon platform. We currently use DNS, CDN, ELB, EC2 technologies for www.onverify.com.

On the API and service side, nothing needed to be changed. Only side-effect is you must check the REST style requests to fully obey http protocol. Amazon platform actively rejects invalid http requests. A simple example is, your REST style request cannot include any space character.


OnVerify Phone Verification for WordPress Updated

OnVerify Phone Verification Plugin for WordPress is updated. This is a minor change release. This release corrects the incompatibility for installations with different directory structure, and also adds more security to the code itself.

A demo is available at http://blog.onverify.com/wp-login.php?action=register

More informations is available at http://www.onverify.com/a/plugins/w/wordpress

The Plugin is available at http://www.onverify.com/ and will be released to WordPress repository soon.

Phone Verification App for Shopify

We have developed an app for Shopify, which does automated phone verification for your shop. This app affectively helps you reduce fraud and chargeback.

The app is in beta currently, which is available at http://apps.shopify.com/phone-verification-by-onverify-com

Classic features of OnVerify Plugins are included:

  • Automated Number Formatting & Checking
  • Phone Type Blockage (Mobile only, Landline only,…)
  • Verification Type Selection (SMS/Phone)
  • Limit #retries, retry intervals for bad use
  • Integrated to shopify admin. Direct link to verification details.
  • Verify manually or automatically before checkout @shopify. Manual verification is done after checkout process, and triggered by manual checking. Checkout Verification is done automatically before the checkout process

We look for beta testers, and during beta, all verifications are free of charge, just contact us support@onverify.com.


Phone Verification Module for Magento

OnVerify.com officially announces immediate availability of phone verification module for Magento.


Feature highlights:

  1. No change on magento codes.
  2. Works with standard magento hooks
  3. Supports phone or sms verification type, which can be set from administration page
  4.  Automated number format checking
  5.  Built-in country code prefix adding (no need for country pull down)
  6.  Phone Verification template (what’s to be said on the phone call) can be customized
  7.  SMS Verification message can be configured
  8.  Phone number blacklist
  9.  IP blacklist
  10.  Limit #verifications
  11.  Set retry time between trials


    More information is available at: http://www.onverify.com/a/plugins/w/magento

    Online demo at: http://magento.onverify.com/index.php/customer/account/create/