All In One Phone Verification Solution by OnVerify announces the complete phone verification solution services. At, we provide:

1. Phone Verification

This is an automated phone verification call. The pin is announced on the phone. Announced pin needed to be entered on the web form to complete a transaction. This model is used for transaction verification, user verification, two factor authentication, one time password, lead verification.

2. Reverse Phone Verification or Phone Confirmation.

In this automated phone verification call, pin is provided at web site or email but entered on the phone. This model is very useful for confirming online orders with predefined pin/pass, or according to the order number. Order confirmation, user verification, authentication are common uses.

3. Sms / Text Message Verification

Instead of automated phone call, if your users can provide mobile numbers, pin is delivered to the mobile phone as sms text message. The received pin must be entered on web form to complete. This model is very similar to phone verification, so best suitable usages are same. Differences are;

a. Technology. One is phone call, other is text message. On phone call user must listen and note pin. On text message user must read the text.
b. Phone call is an immediate action, where short message delivery may be delayed due to operators.
c. For phone verification, all types of phones can be used. On sms, only mobile phones can be used. On this sense, sms verification may be unsuitable for business type verifications.

4. Call In Phone Verification

Instead of automated call to the number of the customer, the customer has to call a predetermined number from the registered call. The called number can be normal phone line or toll-free. Coupon validation, user authentication, customer verification are common uses.

Phone Verification and SMS Verification Combined now proudly announces that Phone Verification and SMS Verification is combined in the HTTP API. With Phone Type lookup service, automatically detects the phone type, and sends SMS to mobile numbers.

The new api has got the sample parameters as the old api. Please visit, login with your account and go to Developers tab

Any comments suggestions are welcome.


Customizable Phone Verification means

Automated Phone Verification is the number one way to combat online fraud, eliminate anonymous bad usage, attacks and unbeatable captcha alternative.

If you do online business, you are open to fraud, bad usage, anonymous bad signup, invalid leads; the common denominator is time and money loss. provides you a 100% customizable Automated Phone Verification solution, ready to go. You can integrate it in a couple of minutes to your existing business flow, with minor changes.

By Customizable, I mean 100% customizable; you can set any text to be said, any wav file to be played at any step during the call flow. Not only that, you can put a step to get a pin from phone, or record the customers name. All included, free of charge, from easy to use web interface.

Customization is not limited to call flow; you can also customize the language of the verification and also customize per call variables.

From online merchants, to online food order business; from single person companies to Fortune 500 companies use to reduce fraud, authenticate users, send fax orders, do important sms notifications. has got following services:

  1. Phone Verification – Announce Pin on the Phone. Get Pin on Web Site
  2. Reverse Phone Verification – Display Pin on Web Site, Get Pin on the Phone
  3. Call In Phone Verification – Let the customer call you, and do one of the above verifications
  4. Copy Paste HTML Code – Real Captcha Alternative. Stops any form from processing better than Captcha way and does phone verification. Just copy and paste the html code to your form’s html
  5. Fax Notification – If you need to bridge your online business with offline business/suppliers, we provide a worldwide fax delivery solution at a very cost effective way
  6. SMS Notification/Verification – If you want to send something urgent to a mobile number or just want to verify mobile number, we suggest SMS.
  7. Free or Paid Phone Types Information. Validate phone numbers with us at 1 cents/each is very responsive to customer requirements. We always listen you, and add features according to your needs. That’s the final point of customization.

How to add two factor authentication to your web site using phone verification by

Securing a web business has never been hard as now. As a web business owner or developer, you may have added several mechanisms to combat hacker from stealing passwords. To access a membership site, you probably implemented username and password checking together with several anti-hacker solutions, like checking last ip, checking logs for suspicious activity, etc. But still passwords, shared computers, passwords in e-mail are your weakest part in overall security.

I want to show how you can add more security to your web site, as a general algorithm. In my example, I will point to phone verification, but it’s also possible to do it with reverse phone verification or sms verification.

Your current flow is possibly as this way, providing you a one point to check the user

  1. Display login form
  2. Get username and password
  3. Check username and password from database
  4. If matches, give access

I do not suggest you to change this flow, it will be same. But I will suggest you to add another step, to get a two factor authentication with otp (One Time Password) tokens, tokens to be announced on the phone:

  1. Display login form
  2. Get username and password
  3. Check username and password from database
  4. If matches, start a phone verification to the number on file
  5. Ask for the “token”/”pin” that’s announced on the phone
  6. Check entered pin
  7. If matches, let the user access

With this method, you’ll have a real two factor authentication and a second password token that is generated on the fly; cannot be stolen by a third party.

Check out a live Phone Verification Demo at Drop us an e-mail to get ideas, and implementations. We like to hear and help.

How to Send SMS from your website using

SMS, which is abbreviation of Short Message service, is the most commonly used feature of a mobile phone after the phone call. Although it’s limited to 160 characters, sending an sms text is very popular in several cases like;

  • A phone call is not possible
  • A phone call will cost more than sending an sms message
  • It’s more fun to send sms text rather than talking at that time.

There are just a few samples for individuals use sms text to communicate.

But if you own a web site, adding an sms service to your site, can be cool, and cutting edge. Also adds another form of communication with your customers, and your web site.

Some of the examples of sms service at your web site can be listed, but not limited to:

  • Customer Verification with SMS message
  • Notification of special events/products/discounts via SMS text
  • Notification to your self about some cases at your web site
  • SMS Text Marketing of your opt-in lists (You cannot just send sms to any number without a prior approval)

Samples continue.

There are several sms service providers in Internet world. But at, we provide the easiest solution with standard features, at a competitive price. You don’t need to write long sms software to send sms text from your web site.

Firstly you need to open a free account at It’s free, gives you $0.25 credit when you complete Phone Verification process automatically. Then get your userid and apipass from documentation or profile page, and paste the code below in your favorite php editor:

$f = file(“”);

That single line of code will initiate a sms text sending from your web site easily. Let me explain the parameters:

userid=youruserid, this is the userid you get from,  we need to recognize you

apipass=yourapipass, this is the api password you get from to authenticate you

msg=test, this is the text message we will send to the mobile number. remember to urlencode your message before feeding it to here.

number=number, this is the number we will send sms text message to. It must be in international numbering format; country code + area code + number (like 18581234567)

On return, you’ll have a single line. Which is a numeric code, that you may want to check.

switch($f[0]) {
case “2”:
echo “username or password is wrong”;
case “3”:
echo “balance is not enough”;
case “4”:
echo “number wrong”;
case “6”:
echo “ip restriction”;
case “7”:
echo “dublicate vid”;
if ($f[0]>100) echo “sms is queued”;

Let me explain. At first step we send to request to’s sms service. We get a numeric code from that page, which can be 2,3,4,6,7 or >100.  each meaning something.

2: username or apipass is wrong. please re check and compare them with

3: balance is not enough. works from positive balance. But don’t worry during the tests and integrations. Just drop us an e-mail to Ask for more credits, and explain your project. We are more than happy to help

4. number wrong. Yes it must be in international format. Which is country code + area code + number

6. restricted ip. You can limit the server’s ip that the calls with be initiated from

7. dublicate vid. This is used for callback firing. At the end of sms sending we fire a callback to your system explaning the status of the sms. (sent, unsent, cost, etc)

Sending a SMS text is asynchronous at Which means, when you initiate a sms sending, will return you immediately if this call is accepted or not. Later, it will notify you with sending a request to the callback url that you set at sms text message initiation step.

In this article, I tried to show how easy it’s to send sms text message to any phone using’s services.  In order to send sms text, you dont need to setup/develop big sms software, just use the sms service feature of

About OnVerify.Com serves Web Business’ to reduce fraud, verify or notify users, bridge online business to offline business. helps Web Business’ by keeping fraudulent users out, by Automated Phone Verifications. provides following services:
1. Phone Verification (Announce Pin on Phone, Enter Pin on Web)
2. Reverse Phone Verification (Announce Pin on Web, Enter Pin on Phone)
3. Sms Verification/Notification (Any Mobile Phone)
4. Fax Notification (Standard Faxes) serves Web Business’ to reduce fraud, verify or notify users, bridge online business tooffline business. helps Web Business’ by keeping fraudulent users out, by AutomatedPhone provides following services:

1. Phone Verification (Announce Pin on Phone, Enter Pin on Web)

2. Reverse Phone Verification (Announce Pin on Web, Enter Pin on Phone)

3. Sms Verification/Notification (Any Mobile Phone)

4. Fax Notification (Standard Faxes)

The main technologies that based on: Telephony, SMS and Fax. provides HTTP API and SOAP API.

The main sectors that serves:

1. Online Gaming/Game Currency

2. Online Food Ordering

3. Online Credit Card Processing

4. Online Ad Networks

5. Online Investment Business

The main advantages of OnVerify.Com can be summarized as:

  1. Everything works in real time
  2. Very competitively priced. Starts from 3.72 cents per answered call.
  3. Flexible voice prompt system with built-in TTS, and Wav files. Zero cost to customize the message.
  4. Voice prompts can even be customized on the fly, during the verification/announcement initialization with parameters
  5. Built-in TTS (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  6. Works for all types phones and worldwide
  7. High Capacity