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Dear Friends,

We listen to our customers, last month we got a special request from our customers. The request was a copy paste html code to be inserted to an html page to work together with a phone verification. The HTML code required to do phone verification without any code on the server side.

At first this looked not a normal request; till now, what we learnt in the Phone Verification market is that, you need to integrate with custom coding over HTTP or SOAP APIs, this is totally an upside down feature.

Later, during our meetings with sales and tech team, we figured out that it’s possible and very good feature indeed for several Internet users who only know of some html knowledge, but they are developing content and fetching information from their customers/users.

So, we have a solid solution with HTML and Javascript technologies. There is no single code needed to integrate or there is no single change need in your standard form processing. This solution stops the current form from submission, and starts a phone verification according to your set up.

Let me explain the steps required to use Copy Paste HTML Code Phone Verification:

  1. You need to open a free account at
  2. You will have a default Phone Verification template. You can edit it from Templates menu item.
  3. Go to Developers, than Copy Paste HTML Code menu item
  4. Add your site to the list. This is an important step as we must know where you put html code
  5. Then customize your form according to your needs. We need to know form name and phone number field name in the form.
  6. Then get the generated code and paste it to your html page, just before </body> tag.

Viola! You have a phone verification feature, which is powerful solution to captcha, and a real captcha alternative.

Drop me your comments, ideas to here or I’ll be happy to see them, and answer them. If you have a new feature idea, please do share; we are here to provide you the best solution in Phone Verification market.

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