Automatic Phone Verification with Voice Recording by announces a new feature in phone verification system. This feature helps you to do Reverse Phone Verification and also Record customer voice.

Chargebacks in online world are very common, this happens due to either customer forgets the charge or cannot recognize a charge in bill of statement of the credit card. In case of a chargeback banks usually ask a proof of purchase. Standard proofs may mean nothing to the bank, and they usually accept the chargeback. has got a solution to that problem: You may now record (only a specific sentence) of the customer, that’s to be used as a proof later on.

With the Reverse Phone Verification with Voice Recording, you shot two birds at the same time; you do two factor phone authentication and also get a real voice stamp of the customer.

We believe this feature will help online merchants by several ways.

Voice Recording as got two versions at; either you can directly record the voice or record the voice after a right pin entrance.

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