Manual Phone Verification for Ebay and Occasional Sellers

Manual phone verification service at has been enhanced by:


  1. Adding an extra field on verification
  2. Setting maximum number of times in verification.


Manual phone verification lets ebay or occasional sellers to generate a unique verification link. This verification link is sent to the buyer. When buyer clicks and opens the page, and automated phone verification call is conducted, and a pin is announced on the phone. Buyer needs to enter the pin on web page to complete the verification. The result of the verification is emailed to the seller.

This method is another no-programming phone verification solution by It’s as simple as logging into, entering phone number, selecting a call script template, and generating the link. The link is emailed manually by the seller to the buyer.

Give it a try today, just go to, open a free account. Then visit, My Account / Manual Verification. There is no setup or monthly fee to use these services.’s services are 100% prepaid.