Fraud Prevention: Different Addresses

Customers usually use different addresses for shipping and billing.  A Fraudster will also do the same, and more. An order of a valuable item to some mailbox, must catch your attention. (+1 to your fraud scoring system)

So you must validate and correlate shipping and billing addresses and information (Address Line, City, State, Country, Zip Code, Phone):

An address can be checked in itself as:

  1. Address can be validated from some web services. For USA orders USPS apis can provide you more information if this address is valid or not. Google Maps or Yahoo Maps provide similar information.
  2. There are databases for Zip Code to Area Code and visa verso.  In a given zip code area code of the phone numbers are known before (except mobile numbers)
  3. Ip Address to Country and even City Check. When order is done, it’s done over a well known IP (If it’s done over a proxy address you can totally discard the order, no need to go further). There are several solutions that map an IP to Country and City level in address. So a check for IP Address mapping will help

Shipping and Billing Address can be checked for:

  1. Country check. It’s very low probable to order to another country from another country. +1

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