Fraud Prevention Outline

As online business, you are open to fraud. In all honesty, there is absolutely no 100% mechanism to stop scam. But there are a few tips to minimize the scam:

  • Some countries have much higher risks than others when conducting business overseas. Watch the orders from overseas countries
  • Watch bulk requests. Criminals will commonly order in bulk
  • Watch orders with different delivery and billing address
  • Track and watch the customer’s ip.
  • Check customer’s geolocation of the ip to billing and shipping address
  • Watch orders finished with free e-mails
  • Compare BIN code of the credit-based card to billing address
  • AVS (Address Confirmation Systems) helps you correlate credit card with billing/shipping address
  • Call the client (That’s where onverify. com stands, will the automatic calling)
  • Compare contact number with addresses. Although mobile statistics are non-geographical volumes, fixed line volumes convert to geographic information
  • Keep a history of good or bad orders.
  • Build a fraudulence rating system with all above information and previous requests (good or bad)

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