Online Verification against Fraud/Scam

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My personal advice will be to build up a scoring system to your online business. It’s not done overnight but can be done by time; either manual or automatic, according to how big your business.

Each of the items I put on the list here, give you a negative point about the order. But again it’s all about experience, quite definitely depends upon your online business and industry you work. For every single item I am telling more, and how to get it done.

Overseas Purchases

Doing overseas business may seem to be advantageous; some good or services may be unavailable locally, so you may hit a rapid demand. But the principle drawback in overseas sales is the fact, you aren’t protected from your own judicial system for an order done from another company. It will be hard to force anyone to pay some $1, 000, via laws.

Some countries have much higher risks than others. Here’s a listing of countries you must add an indicate your own fraud system. They all have abnormally higher cases of credit card scams:


You will find other Eastern Europe that suffer from the same problem.

Bulk Requests
An order of 75 pair of shoes must alert you. Fraudsters will try to order equally, in order that they will turn these products into profit bulk. Remember to investigate multiple orders given in a short time; total of 75 pairs of boots in one day by 30 seperate orders (to same shipping address or from same ip) is yet another alert and stage to your own fraud monitoring system. The main difficulty is the capability to distinguish last minute orders in high season, here your encounter works

Different Details

Customers usually use different addresses for shipping and billing. A Fraudster may also the actual same, and even more. An order of any valuable item to many mailbox, must catch your attention. (+1 on your fraud scoring system)

So you must validate and correlate shipping and billing addresses and information (Address Line, City, State, Country, Zip Code, Phone):

An address can be checked itself as:

Address may be validated from some web services. For USA orders USPS apis can offer you more information if this address is valid or not. Google Maps or Yahoo Maps provide similar information.
There are databases for Zip Code to Area Code and visa verso. Within a given zip code area code in the phone numbers are known before (except mobile numbers)
Internet protocol address to Country and in many cases City Check. When order is done, it’s done over a well known IP (If it’s done over a proxy address you can totally discard the order, no requirement to go further). There are numerous solutions that map an IP to Country and City level in address. So the for IP Address umschlüsselung will help

Shipping and Billing Address could be checked for:

Country check. It’s very low probable to in an attempt to another country from another country.

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