Apr 2 / admin

Phone Verification Plugin for WordPress Updated

Phone Verification Plugin by OnVerify is updated with the following features:

No change on WordPress codes.

The plugin works with standard wordpress hooks, so there is no need a change on the base code. The plugin can be enabled/used at registration, login, new comments, lost password setction. We also added Woocommerce support. You can use the plugin at checkout, login or lost password sections of Woocommerce.


The demo is moved to wordpress.onverify.com. More information is available at onverify.com. You can set a free account at onverify to get full code, instructions and test environment.



Dec 21 / admin

Magento Plugin Update


Recently we updated magento phone verification plugin which fantastic new features:

  1. OTP on login
  2. Phone verification on registration
  3. Phone verification on checkout

Check it out at magento1.onverify.com. This is for  Magento 1.X



Nov 18 / admin

Prestashop Phone Verification module updated

Immediate update available for Prestashop:

  • 1.6.x compatibility
  • Verification at account creation
  • Verification on Login (OTP)
  • Verification on Checkout

The demo is available at http://presta.onverify.com/


The plugin is available at http://www.onverify.com/ (a free account required)

Dec 25 / admin

Phone Verification Plugin for Opencart 2.X

OnVerify plugin is updated for Opencart 2.x and it’s under beta test at http://opencart2.onverify.com/


Please check it out and comments for any features.


The new plugin will support 1.X as well in single installation.


Here is the summary of features:


  • VQMod based (no change on core code, so it will be upward compatible with major versions)
  • SMS (Text) or Call (An actual phone call conducted) based verification on checkout process, just before the payment
  • Templates for SMS text message and Call
  • Number of digits in PIN adjustable
  • Verification Types (SMS/Call/User Select)
  • Limit verifications to specific customer groups
  • Upgrade customer after verification (so automatic extra permissions and bypass verification next purchase)
  • Maximum verification retries and retry time limits to minimize bad use
  • Limit the verification to specific payments (Such as do only for credit cards, but omit for cash on delivery)
  • Limit verification to same number for the defined period
  • Unique phone number requirement per account
  • Match IP Country to Billing Country (any mismatch will stop payment)
  • Mach IP Country to Shipping Country(Mismatch will stop payment)
  • Do verifications according to the total amount (Do verifications if total is bigger than X amount)
  • Blacklist IP
  • Blacklist numbers (or prefixes)
  • Admin purchase notifications via phone or sms
  • Customer order status notifications via phone or sms
May 5 / admin

Phone Verification for Vbulletin Updated

Phone Verification Plugin for Vbulletin 4.X is updated with the following features:

  1. Call in phone verification. Instead of auto call out, the user needs to call the given number to access pin
  2. Zero configuration. The plugin is 100% customized for your account at onverify. Just download the plugin from onverify.com, and import the product (copy verify*.php to VB4 root), you are ready to go
  3. Auto Upgrade & Downgrade group options. You may automatically upgrade the user upon verification. If user changes the phone number of profile or auto downgrade time passed (since verification), user is degraded to provided user group

Just login to onverify.com, and browse to http://www.onverify.com/a/plugins/w/vb4 and get your customized plugin.

Mar 3 / admin

Phone Verification Extension for Opencart (Update)

A new update of phone verification extension for opencart is immediately available at onverify.com. These are the new features:


  1. Ability to limit verification to specific customer groups
  2. Limit verification to specific payment types
  3. Limit verification for orders with high totals
  4. New order notification to admin
  5. Order status change notification to customer


The demo is at opencart.onverify.com. You can get the free extension from onverify.com. Test it without a cost and no obligation to pay unless you want to keep it.



Feb 25 / admin

Phone Verification Module for WHMCS updated

Phone Verification for WHMCS is updated to be compatible with WHMCS 5.X

Please visit onverify to get the updated plugin.

Feb 13 / admin

OnVerify.com moves to Amazon Platform.


For highest flexibility, performance and high availability (100%) onverify.com moved to amazon platform. We currently use DNS, CDN, ELB, EC2 technologies for www.onverify.com.

On the API and service side, nothing needed to be changed. Only side-effect is you must check the REST style requests to fully obey http protocol. Amazon platform actively rejects invalid http requests. A simple example is, your REST style request cannot include any space character.


Jul 15 / admin

Fraud Protection Module for WHMCS is updated

There is an update on WHMCS Fraud protection module by onverify:


  1. A bug on retry time limiting corrected
  2. Ability to change the phone# by the buyer at the verification step
  3. Option to omit verification for selected products


The demo is located at whmcs.onverify.com, plugin is available at members section of onverify.com

Mar 21 / admin

OnVerify Phone Verification for WordPress Updated

OnVerify Phone Verification Plugin for WordPress is updated. This is a minor change release. This release corrects the incompatibility for installations with different directory structure, and also adds more security to the code itself.

A demo is available at http://blog.onverify.com/wp-login.php?action=register

More informations is available at http://www.onverify.com/a/plugins/w/wordpress

The Plugin is available at http://www.onverify.com/ and will be released to WordPress repository soon.